Born in Southend, Essex 1969. I studied Fine Art in Exeter at The University of Plymouth, exhibited in Fresh Art , London. 1994 Post Grad Dip Fine Art. Arnhem , the Netherlands.
1995 moved back to Bristol Uk. Worked at the Outside Door Gallery and Jam Studios, Jamaica Street. Painting and working in mental health.I trained to be a teacher of art and worked in this area in the UK. Influenced by painters like Goya, Tapies, William de Kooning and the impressionists too. The light and colour of Bonnard. The Mediterranean light.
I first came to Barcelona in 1993 , to do an Erasmus programme. I painted out in the street and realised my paintings are of an internal world responding to the external world. Recently living and working in Hong Kong I've been painting the enormous skies and landscapes seen from the ferry travelling to the city from Lamma Island. Painting sometimes from memory , exploring illusionistic space and containing feelings or memories of feelings in a landscape. In Hong Kong I worked with a group of refugees every Friday doing art workshops. I set up a workshop to join the African refugees with local people in a project to create a mural based on the work of Hokusai. The result was friendly cooperation, networking and further plans to work together. I also organised an exhibition for the refugees where they could show their work and talk to the public. It was a small group of people from Yemen, Eritrea, Togo,Somalia and Ethiopia. I learned a lot from working with them.
I am now living under a pandemic lockdown in Tarragona. Soon to have more freedom but hoping we do not rush back to our " new normal" too fast. I have more paintings to do.